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Parents... what you can expect (continued)

You should be aware that the Nottingham Boys Choir is not just a "children's choir". Your child will be singing some of the finest classical music ever written by the world's greatest composers. He'll be carefully trained to use his voice in tune, to read music and count intricate rhythms, to pronounce English, French, German and Latin, to give expression, to perform in front of an audience. A lot is demanded of our boys but they respond beautifully. And most importantly, they love doing it!

Through our training programme, boys can achieve formal qualifications for those who desire it (but many just enjoy the pure fun of singing). As well as weekly practices, individual tuition is given, enabling each boy to make the most of his abilities. The structured 'career' path from probationer to chorister to senior chorister through to head chorister gives each child something to aim for. Major milestones are marked by the award of church music medals, but every achievement is celebrated.

It's not all singing however, and choristers have the opportunity to socialise: between practices and at special events such as Laserquest, bowling or the annual pantomime visit.